Creativity And Leadership

Between the requirements that are asking the great companies the aspirings to occupy most important positions no longer are an ample curriculum, discharges qualifications nor the studies in the best universities. What they are asking is creativity, the leadership, vision. Unfortunately these matters are not distributed in the universities. The absence of these matters to a great extent contributes to increase the unemployment of the withdrawn ones of the universities. The time that has been called on to us to live is highly dynamic, everything moves, everything changes from one day to the next, but the education that receives the students is paralyzing. We are educated with information that within five years will be obsolete. That felt it must study information that will not have any utility? it gives excessive importance to the data, when the importance has the creation of data. The information is privileged and the creation of the data is left of side.

The information by itself does not contribute to formation of the men and women who are able to solve the problems that one will appear to them in the future not very distant. Something that had to be emphasized is the observation, the exposition of the problems that has the student by all means and, the solution of the same. This implies the creativity, since it is the resource to solve the problems of an original way. No student has the same problems who the other, therefore, will require different solutions. There he is where the personal creativity enters. Most of the students of all the levels they study according to the plans and programs established by a few academic ones that determine what the students must study. He does not concern the differences that exist between the students, the plans and programs are designed as if all were the same.