The sad constatao is that the people has the covering that deserves. People you free of entities stimulants of triunfalistas devaneios are immunized against this type of encantamento. Some ministries invoke the aid of this demon, instead of banishing them from its cults. One asks, that it hangs in air, raises the possibility of innumerable answers: Which is the origin of as many religious devaneios? Nobody would obtain to be more direct of what Tiago when saying: ‘ ‘ Of where, seno of the pleasures that militate in your meat? ‘ ‘ It is objetividade excessively for an anxious church for overdoses of sobrenaturalidade inconsequente. The season of hunting is opened the answers fools on the origin of our disputes.

Already they had been given innumerable, but all play the guilt for are of us. We go to enumerate some: 1. demnio.2.Foram the puffs of the cigar of ‘ ‘ caboclo penalty brava’ ‘ .3. farofa of encruzilhada.4.Foi the shady side of fora.5. a frog enterrado.6.P of coelho.7.Palavras mgicas8.Abertura of dimensional vestibules. Therefore Tiago simply interrupts this colloquy saying that the disputes, the heresies, the wars, the murders, the assaults, the traffic, the dispute for the power, fofoca and the azedume, if feed of our desire of pleasure.

In this direction, it has taste pra everything. Some find the revenge a delight, others were banqueteiam with the bankruptcy of the opponents. Many liberate great amounts of adrenalin when they threaten, they traem, they steal, they provoke losses and unemployment. Already vi much people asking for the God helps who them to reach its more left-hand side intentions. Until ‘ ‘ men of Deus’ ‘ they enter in this line.’ ‘ dispersed mine enemies; he hurls your arrows and he wastes-os’ ‘ (Salmo 144).Conjuncts aiming at the fall of opponents are motivated by the same principles of the Vodu, only change the name of the invoked entity. Of Exu for Yeshua. Seemed he is not same? But it will be that everything what we need to make to invoke the certain entity, is to say the certain name? Or it will be that we need to be moved by the reasons and correct methods? If you want to have certainty of that its conjunct will reach the certain ears, you are not enough to say those magical words in the end: ‘ ‘ On behalf of Jesus, Amm’ ‘. Before making an order, he has the certainty of that its with priority objective, is not to satisfy instincts low as revenge, sex, domain, authority, money and position.He wants to know why?