Curtain Fabric

When choosing fabrics for curtains you need to know exactly what function they perform. In the event that they will protect the apartment from the sunlight, we recommend using a cloth soaked in a special compound, thereby it is less than fade in the sun. If the blinds will often be washed (ie, they drop the role of the dust collector), it is best to choose a sturdy dense tissue, and, preferably, without lining. When choosing fabric for curtains in terms of practicality, best would be polyester or a blend of cotton. Fabrics made from this material can easily be washed at home, but at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.

By velvet, fabrics from linen, cotton may only use dry cleaning. Fabrics Pure cotton is not suitable for premises that most of the day illuminated by the sun, because they quickly fade and lose their nice at first look. To date, to make extensive use of silk curtains. He very pleasant to the touch, but unfortunately, it requires additional protection, because it is sensitive to sunlight and burns quickly. For registration offices often choose curtains are sewn out of taffeta, which, moreover, that luxury is still good and reflects the light. And plus to all this fabric is easy to keep clean. Viscose is the most practical of man-made materials – it is fire-proof and well washed. Len – the popular natural fabrics, but is not used in pure form, but with different additives that can improve its properties.

For example, in order to make linen cloth over the light and shining it added polyester. Such curtains look good in the kitchen. Choose high-quality fabric and then you will have high-quality, beautiful and elegant curtains. Source: Sewing curtains