Cuts Hair

Even wear their long hair is something that seems to be a trend or at least locks to carry the already famous waves this 2011, the truth is that with the arrival of good weather and the summer to many of you makes you want to cut you hair and therefore you can follow some of the latest trends encortes hair to be next season at the latest. Short hair is something that is usually trend every time summer approaches and is for this reason that we can take their tendency to innovate in our look and thus get to be up to date with cuts as the disheveled effect that has both been seen among men last year. Another haircut for the summer of 2011 may be that let one side longer than the other which will make us have to style hair to one side and letting everything fall to that side and wear it with a little wax that will allow us to play as we want with our hairstyle. To finish and if we want to bring back length, can opt to take it curly or or completely smooth and new betting on combed to one side. Source: Original author and source of the article