Danila Bagrov

Some amazing magnet lout to public transport. You may think that only a boor, and lives that rolls from one end to another, choosing a suitable victim for abuse. It is unlikely, is not it? But then the answer to the question why it is a lot of rudeness in public transport? Take another example. Drivers of motor vehicles. A taxi driver from the film "Brat-2", if you remember it, a textbook example. "And You brother in Moscow there? "- Surprise asks Danila Bagrov, a Russian taxi driver in America, found in the flow of battle almost mystical oneness with the Moscow taxi driver. Indeed. About comrade, the head of which accidentally dropping molten tin, but in a joke and you can tell, but in life my tongue does not turn to repeat what they say is really in such cases.

So, motorists and the virus is rudeness? Finally, the third example. Queues in shops. Or turn in cash. Another hotbed for boors of all stripes and colors. And the more all the more rudeness. The more excitement (for example, that someone is something there will not get) in order more rudeness.

And I believe that you have already guessed that all this is no accident. And what is happening in all these cases, it is best to show a specific example. Here comes the man on the street, but his path is a stray dog and gnawing a bone. If this person approaches the dog close, she suddenly jump up like crazy and gets into barking, and sometimes bite.