Deepening Trade Choice Deepening

Can you learn ‘Spa’? For students students of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg in Ravensburg is the answer clear: ‘Yes, we can!’. You can Spa”learn? For students students of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg in Ravensburg is the answer clear: Yes, we can! “.” “In the winter semester 2010/11 will be for the first time students students of the disciplines of the programme business administration – tourism, hotels and catering in the main study the elective management of spas and leisure baths” offered. It conveys the renowned Berufsakademieehemalige vocational Academy, now dual Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg, its their graduates the crucial skills to meet sound and application-oriented Know-How, to meet the needs of the Spa market. This requires detailed knowledge for professionals in the Spa, hotel and baths area the diverse challenges of Spa management from the start to meet away? The Professor and head of the Chair programme for wide-ranging and Spa management, Dr. Brittner-Widmann, noticed this: as a dual Baden-Wurttemberg Ravensburg University we offer our students a well-founded business Bachelor’s degree, in which we always refer to the relevant aspects of the tourism industry. “Especially in the wide-ranging specialisation and resort management” as well as leisure industry “a further offer to the management of spas and leisure baths lacked so far.

After a thorough analysis of the existing offer of study at other universities, we were almost surprised that the topic of Spa management in the hotel and tourism training in Germany still has a small presence. The labour market urges the expert knowledge in training, so that graduates have the tools, professional and economic success to investments, such as a spa. Therefore, it was clear to us, that we have such a professional our students students a such deepening trade want to offer. At the same time we were happy, with Spa eMotion an experienced and competent partners for the development and implementation of the deepening partition win to.