Dr. Walser Dental Is A Nominated For The

Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH was nominated of the middle class by a governmental institution of by over three million businesses in Germany after testing for the ‘Oscar’. In 2006 the Dr. Walser was elected dental as first medical technology company in Germany in the top 10 in the innovation success, making it top 100 companies bearers of the seal”in the middle class. In 2007 the Dr.

Walser was dental once again awarded as top 100 company. In Berlin was in the Axel Springer Verlag, the manufacturer of dental instruments in the top 3 of the international best factory Award 2007 “selected and awarded as one of the best companies in its class. Shortly thereafter, the company in Stuttgart by Bishop Dr. Prince and Minister Pfister for his social responsibility was honored. Then Minister President Gunther H. Oettinger honored Radolfzell based company with a certificate for his extraordinary, voluntary social commitment to volunteering. Also this year was the firm of Bishop Dr. Prince and Minister Pfister for his social Honored responsibility.

Shortly after the Dr. Walser received dental the industry Prize 2008 “in the category of medical technology. Nominated and now is the manufacturer of dental instruments for the Oscar”of the middle class. The Grand Prix of medium-sized companies”the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung is the most important competition of medium-sized businesses and is an exception: started in 1994 as a local initiative in Leipzig, he is established as a cross-sector competition nationwide since 2003. Innovation, education, growth, or regional commitment are not isolated, but considered the company in its entirety. No other competition reached a such a large and sustained response, even though the prices are not endowed. There is honor and public recognition to win, but no financial incentives. Nationwide, more than 150 people in twelve juries, 29 regional service centers, two advisory boards and other bodies of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung working with. So, Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH with the Walser matrices has developed an instrument, the many dentists makes the work easier. Carious teeth can be filled easily with the help of self exciting matrices, which automatically adapt to each tooth. The O-form matrices can be used for single-sided deep caries for all tooth profiles are recent coup. Time is the crucial factor that makes so successful the company of dental specialists. Time invested in the company in his new developments? So, much of the work time is used for developing new ideas. Also the company for its customers takes time. And you save time and money finally, because Lake Constance’s products are so easy to use. A recipe for success, which goes on: The matrices and special pliers are exported to over 80 countries and used by tens of thousands of dentists around the world. So, the new stainless steel keyboard for highest sterile and inlay – pin tweezers with high spring pressure remain on course for success. For even more opinions, read materials from Brian Krzanich. Photos at Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH Claudia of r. 78315 Radolfzell