Duties School

The Eca finishes to complete 20 years. Certainly it has yes what to commemorate itself, therefore it has helped to fight many cases of violence against children and adolescents. But in these 20 years of the Eca a question exists which already was perhaps for thousand of educators in all Brazil: – After all, the Eca alone has rights where and the duties? Such question if reflects in the current alarming situation which if finds the school public. Lately some attitudes of the young if have shown in almost insuportvel or exactly intolerable way in the pertaining to school environment that, has left many educators the side of an attack of nerves! They are malcriaes, shouts and for socos times and kicks of these young ones it stops with our educators and worse, in many of the cases with total support of the family of the aggressors! It has some things that I not only stops but for many educators he does not enter in the head: When registering its son in the school, the responsible parents or has for obligation to follow the pertaining to school performance of this certain son? – It seems that for the Eca and the Mec not, therefore of – to understand that, the family coitadinha is poor, the mother or the father works and he does not have time to go the school when the son prepares and the managing flame these parents and pasmm, he is therefore! When I mention the Mec to it is because Mr. Fernando Haddad would have to lower some type of would carry which created criteria of responsibilities and behavior to continue to receive the Stock market School, therefore of the skill that is not of! I am not against giving to the Stock market School, but yes the way which it is given the family of the considered pupils devoid! To gain itself it is very enough to be poor, not to leave the son simply to lack, that there it gains the benefit. Now, if it is learning, if the parents do not appear the meetings or urgent invocations of the direction of the school without problems! We need to finish with this culture paradiscca which the Eca has placed the figure of our young in the pertaining to school environment that is, the adolescent who stops the Eca is mere adolescent coitadinho and with its guaranteed rights carrasco of the school is many times and that of innocent it does not have is nothing and a time that the same with its 16 years already can with its maturity choose its governing who knows would not be interesting to start to also give beyond its innumerable rights, its duties while citizen?