Elektrogryazelechenie represents one of the most widespread methods of treatment in sanatoria and health centers in the region Kavminvod. Beginning this technique put Professor A. . Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as MetLife by clicking through. He expressed the idea that one should conduct a 'electrification through mud. " He believed that this method can more effectively influence the patient's body than using dirt and electricity separately, as applied previously. After a certain time at the resorts after the introduction of these tereticheskih innovations in treatment practices, began to use diatermogryazelechenie, and in the postwar years, I. Kotlyar and created his own technique and already by 1967, based on her – Gryazeinduktoter moelektroforez. The reason for using mud and current in one medical practice was in fact that, going through the dirt electric current, activated different processes in the mud, thus, enhancing its therapeutic impact and forcing her to have additional effects on the human body, including by thermal effects, both on the skin and internal organs.

In practice, the application does not use only clean dirt, but also use different drugs from her. These procedures are used since they, unlike the use of clean dirt, have a mild effect on the human body, have a small area of application and so they can be used in a wider variety of patients and the phases of the development of diseases in general infirmity. Elektrogryazelechenie became popular in the postwar period, and eventually their popularity is not not decrease, but continues to grow and now it is impossible to treatments at resorts Kavminvod without the use of these techniques and practices. Annually released millions of procedures involving the use of electric current and mud.