End Water

" The second winner of the contract, Bill, disappeared during some time. He did not see himself him during several months, which made very happy to Ed since it did not have competition. Ed was making all the money. " Instead of to buy two buckets to compete with Ed, Bill had a plan of businesses written, created a corporation, found four investors, employed a president to do the work and later returned six months with a group of workers of the construction. After a year its equipment had constructed a stainless steel pipe of great volume that connected aa the village with the lake, " During the great ceremony of inauguration, Bill announced that its water was cleaner than the one of Ed, Bill knew that complaints had appeared of which the water of Ed was dirty.

Bill also announced that it could provide to water to the village 24 hours to the day, seven days to the week. Ed only could provide water in labor days: it did not work the week ends. Immediately, Bill announced that it would receive 75% less than Ed by this water provision, more reliable and of better quality. The inhabitants of the village they ovacionaron and they ran to the faucet at the end of the pipe of Bill. " With the purpose of to compete, Ed lowered its price in 75% immediately, obtained other two buckets, added covers to its buckets and immediately began to carry four buckets in each trip. In order to provide better service, it contracted his two children so that they helped him at night in the turn and during the week ends. When their children left to the university, he said to them that they hurried to return because someday that business would belong to them. " For some reason their children did not return after the university.