The oil will again be burned in the combustion chamber Reason 8 – Flooded too much oil in the engine. I'll be brief. A large number of oil leads to the formation of foam. Foam can together with the gases enter the combustion chamber. Reason 9 – Incorrect fuel mixture with air. Overabundance of fuel.

Fuel entering the cylinder is not completely consumed, it lays the oil film from the cylinder, which protects against friction, this leads to rapid wear of pistons, rings. – "Big oil consumption. This may cause malfunction and a supercharger. Reason 10 – Neglect to the car, not specifically made in the period of the oil change, filters (air, oil), in general, in time does not pass to. Reason 11 – miser pays twice. Do not buy cheap oil for your car. Will greatly accelerate the process of wear of all moving engine parts.

In consequence of high consumption of oil. Reason 12 – The cylinders are skewed. When disassembling the engine, if you look at the sleeves and see the spot – it's 100% means the misalignment of the cylinders. Rings are no longer able to cope, will be a big oil consumption. I hope you understand why we need oil scraper ring. Oil will enter the combustion chamber. One of the main reasons this is an incorrect tightening of the cylinder heads. The surface of the block is not perfectly smooth. Reasons 13 – A very small% of opening of the grains of graphite. Reason 14 – Problems with connecting rods. If they are skewed, it leads to an incorrect movement of the piston, there are cracks through which flows away oil. Reason 15 – The problem with the rings. They can break down. May not be properly installed. Ring probably one of the main components of the engine. They perform several tasks. They combustion chamber. If they are broken, worn, improperly installed, will be a big oil consumption. Do not relax) is not much left Cause 16 – The problem with the seal. Infliction a large layer of sealant. He can come off and score oil channels. Reason 17 – unnoticed foreign bodies in the gasket. Reason 18 – The broken vacuum pump. The problem with the membrane.