We can understand the judgments as the axiological indicator that allows us to make some decisions based on the principles that we have been adopting, instead the obligations are acts that could be considered ties in freedom but that likewise require the existence of value so that they can fully. To understand a little more about the features that distinguish man besides the individual itself must analyze the direct relationships with referring to two specific who happen to be the other and nature or environment in which it operates. Other men are the cause of the existence of feelings within the self as there are several characteristics that occur in any stratum of history where we can see first point seeking a recognition of others to feel part of the social nucleus, which only becomes man among its kind, like always require responses of value which promotes respect and the emergence of affection or love. These approaches are key factors and they have been throughout history, is they give by love or simply the right to belong to a group and the good treatment and the search for others are the starting point for the existence of a transcendence within these groups, which we know as the self-development of the man. The belief and ideology are pillars within the identity that is forming as an individual and as part of a society that as history has not marked it to be always is the center of culture, because without this it would not exist, and that image always looks affected or benefited from the question posed about the existence of a being superior or God, it because always seeks to resolve some questions like: why are we here? Why are we here? Or why are things? Therefore religion is one of the most important ways within life, a shaper of thought that mark us a path toward the fullness and a moderator of activities in the same way differ us both individually as a group already that there is a way of conceiving and act equal for all since we go by defining and delimiting.