European Banking Authority

Five Spanish organizations, between the 8 European that suspend the tests. The suspensions are for Bank Shepherd, CatalunyCaixa, Caja3, Unnim and CAM. The Bank of Spain thinks that the results ” they are esperados” . The BCE asks to countries with suspended organizations in solution that take measures. Spain has put on approval to 93% of its organizations, countries as Germany has only examined to 60%; in addition, the tests to Spain have been more ” estrictas”. The economic vice-president of the Government, Elena Salgado, has assured east Friday that the result of the stress test is ” excelente” , since none of the five Spanish financial organizations that have not reached ‘ Core Tier 1′ of demanded 5% – Unimm, Caja3, CAM, Bank Pastor and CatalunyCaixa- will need additional capital, to which there is addition that in these circumstances ” no organization is suspendido” . ” The excellent question and the excellent answer are they need these organizations more capital? and if the answer is no we call, it we call as it, are no suspendido” , it sentenced in wheel of press flanked by the Secretary of State of Economy, Jose Manuel Stands out, and the Secretary of State of Property, Juan Manuel Lopez Carbajo, to value the test results of solution.

Therefore, Salgado disfigured to the European Banking Authority (EBA, by its abbreviations in English) by to have taken into account the generic provisions and has not said that all the organizations would have passed the cut thus had been, although it trusted that a posteriori this circumstance is considered by the investors. In addition, Salgado emphasized ” exercise of maximum transparency ” carried out by Spain when presenting/displaying to the test to 93% of the sector, against 50% demanded minimum, in scenes ” extremos” of stress. In its opinion, the decision of ‘ to go ‘ yet; of Spain ” him beneficia”.