Excellent Service

In SEB Centre, we have an excellent service of lampisteria Barcelona, because we have an excellent staff of Plumbers Barcelona specialized in different sectors such as: Barcelona plumbing, electricity and gas, providing a wide range of services on installation, repair and detection in everything related to the Barcelona lampisteria; We have experience for more than 25 years attending requests from individuals and industries both public and private, in the capital of Barcelona and nearby sites in a range of 30kms to the round. Our specialists in plumbing Barcelona pay a professional service in carrying out work such as: repairs, renovations and installations of piping systems to economize water, networks of water, drains, cleaning gutters, desatascos of pipelines, installations in your bathroom, waterproofing of roofs and facades, health and many services more. We also have an excellent staff of Plumbers Barcelona doing work related to electricity and gas, they would they offer the following services: installations and repairs of all types of heaters, electric water heaters and boilers, installations and repairs of heating and radiators, and many other services in relation to electricity. Also perform repairs on gas networks, gas leaks, and offer other services related to gas. Barcelona lampisteria is related to all matters relating to assistance in repair and installation of basic services such as water, electricity and gas. We have an excellent staff of Plumbers Barcelona, they make use of the best tool and machinery that are on the market to solve their problems of Barcelona plumbing, electricity and gas. Our services of accommodating to different environments as: homes, buildings, communities, public and private industries, insurance companies, public administrations, SMEs, etc in SEB do their jobs of Barcelona plumbing in a professional manner, our work is guaranteed in writing. If you need any our SEB Center technical services, contact us through our toll free: 900 100 002 Email: see our discount coupon and receive up to 18% discount workmanship. We are located at Barcelona centre and serve throughout the province.