Experience Report

The meadow to the hereafter by Mandy Gerlach Theresa asked me to put me on their relaxation deck and covered me warm and cozy. She band me a cloth that covered my eyes even to the head. Meditation music was hired and Theresa led me professionally and calmly with their meditative voice in a State of absolute relaxation. I was fine. Now she led down a staircase with 12 steps me.

The staircase was made of natural stone and ancient. Each step was about 3 meters wide and 50 cm long. She reminded me of the staircase, which led into the courtyard of the House, where I spent my childhood, by the Court in the garage. First, the levels were straight ahead, at the end to the left. We stopped at the level of 7. She asked me how old I am. \”\” 14 years.\”and where are you?\” I’m sitting on a fighters stand in the woods with my friend Jorg.

\” I saw myself sitting on a Jack stand as as viewers with my childhood friend. We kissed fiercely. This sight made me chuckle, because me the little details of my youth love did a little accounts were for. We went further and continued at the level of 3. She asked me how old I am. \”\” \”I’m 7 years old.\” where are you? \”I’m just using my grandma in Apolda visiting aunt Tina.\” Again, I looked from the perspective of a spectator, me as a 7-year old in a blue knit dress with a yellow pattern. Briefly, my hair was coiffed to a Pageboy. I was in a stranger’s apartment and my grandma and Tina sat at the table and talked. That I was in Apolda, I just knew. Again we went back further. Back in my life as Mandy. Before my eyes closed, pictures from my childhood surfaced in seconds, were not known to me, which I immediately recognized as images of my life as a child and even as an infant.