Experts Tax Service

Our lawyers draw up the documents required by law, taking into account and individual characteristics of the customer, despite the fact that, on any Internet site or in any legal program (Garant, Consultant), one can find plenty of options for template documents necessary for registration of the firm. Practice shows that none of these templates does not contain your individual needs, does not contain reliable information and can take you in the future under various demanding situations. Follow others, such as Arjun Sethi, and add to your knowledge base. Therefore, preparation of documents better provide a qualified lawyer – a specialist in the field of registration of companies. Here, Ram Lee expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We prepare all necessary documents to register a company in the light most favorable tax system, maximum protection of the founders of the external and internal interference (restrictions on the sale of shares in the share capital to third parties, protection of property interests of the participants at the exit from the company, etc.). When necessary, our lawyers may be offered a sensible way to protect the real property for purposes of the registered enterprises, and, if necessary, the customer may be offered a set of necessary contracts (sale, rental, commission, contract, etc.), taking into account the individual interests of the customer, in particular, may be offered a variety of schemes which allow to maintain the contractual relationship on supply. This is particularly relevant is because often keeps the possibility of continuing business.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in this sphere of activity may be on the order of the customer thought out and worked out all the details to get the most to start a new company to conduct its business. Preparing the documents for you, a specialist will contact you about the time and place sign all necessary documents for state registration, the firm created. The documents submitted for state registration of Joint Stock Company (limited liability company), produced by several participants: a) signed by the applicant an application for state registration on the approved form (P 11001), and b) the decision to establish an open joint stock company in the form of minutes, c) constituent documents of the joint stock company (charter and memorandum of association), and d) a document confirming payment of state duty (4000 rub.) Documents to be submitted for state registration of private limited company (Limited liability company), created by one founder: a) signed by the applicant an application for state registration on the approved form (P 11001), and b) the decision to establish joint-stock company, c) constituent documents of the joint stock company (Charter), d) a document confirming the state duty (4000 rubles). 7. STATE REGISTRATION OF THE COMPANY The state registration of companies created in strict accordance with applicable law. Experts Tax Service, accepts the documents as required by law, on what basis, issue a receipt for the documents, which indicated title documents, their number and name of the inspector accepted the documents for state registration created by the firm. The term of state registration under the laws of five working days, following day of the tax authority shall issue a certificate of state registration and tax registration, which is a direct confirmation of the state registration of the firm.