The women generally are customary to receive seconds. What I mean with this is that the women choose to be satisfied to less than what they want. Good, I hope that the indignation of the majority of you who are reading this, but escchame, please. In this country, the men have the power. Sight to your around, how the president of many women we have? How many in the Senate, the Congress, CEO of companies Fortune 500? How many women make as much money as the men do? She considers the possibility of education and the infirmary, two professions mainly occupied by women, what percentage of the men in the profession and what percentage ofthose is to position? How many men decide to remain in house with thchildren while their spouses work and to support the family? You secure the idea. By all means there are many more women in authority positions, in the medicine, the law, the industralists, real estate, finances, businesses that never before, but you are going to be honest with same you, you continue being a world of men.

This is well. We can live with the fact that the men handle the world, because the women run relations. The women, who really are in charge of the relation, even if they do not know it. You only must raise to the ribbon a little in which youexpect of its relation. What I mean of the women uses for the resolution is that they do not do it. Djeme to give an example him. A friend mine works in one great company, she uses its own equipment and pays by its own access to Internet although the majority of its use of the computer is for the activities of its work. She has asked the men who manage the company to be reimbursed by the cost of their access andInternet computer and he has denied himself.