Federation Council

Recently, the number wanting to buy vacation home or cottage in the cottage has been steadily increasing. In this regard, the suburban real estate sector is booming. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that the land sites suitable for construction are often farmland. And in order to build a cottage, it is necessary to turn this land from the category of agricultural land in category of land settlements. For more information see this site: Penguin Random House. If the land owner has taken care in advance of the transfer of land to another category, it receives several advantages: first, as soon as there are many who want to buy this land, and, secondly, the value of land rises.

But the process of transferring land is still fairly time-consuming. Categories of land in 2001 by the Federation Council approved a new Land Code. By this Land Code of the Russian Federation plots are divided into categories according to its purpose. Allocate the following categories of land: Agricultural land settlement lands of the forest land fund water fund land industrial land, energy, communications, transportation, TV, radio, defense, security, to ensure that space activities, information and other social-purpose land protected areas and sites lack a mechanism transferring land from one category to another was a significant drawback of the new Land Code. January 5, 2005 came into force the Federal Law "On the transfer of land or land plots from one category to another 172-FZ from 21.12.2004, the agencies involved in the change of status of land transfers from one category to another land federal property deals The Government of the Russian Federation.