First Key Trend Report

The Hamburg-based trend research company TrendONE and Trendquest have in common the first key trend report published. The key quarterly trend report summarizes current key trends in the areas of media, marketing and technology in a compact and illuminated them on the basis of specific micro-trends and case studies. Here, the authors show the different facets of the key trends and discuss overview relevant aspects and backgrounds. The key trend report serves as an ideal tool of strategic trend monitoring, as well as important source of inspiration for innovators. In the first edition of the key trend report following key trends will be presented in detail: print plus: the Keytrend print plus describes the shift in the medium of print, which is a new feature in the media mix thanks to technological and user-driven enabler (E-Ink, E-reader, RFID, printed electronics and augmented print). The individual developments can cause print again becomes the driving force in the media market and also young target groups such as the Inspire can be digital natives for the medium. Micro blogging: Twitter & co.

no one passes over currently. What was originally for better networking and thought to share among friends, is becoming increasingly a standalone communication channel. The micro-blogging phenomenon has left the niche and is due to the numerous additional services for companies more valuable. Intelligent motion sensor: motion sensors have left the scope of research applications and learn a wide media coverage, seeing as in the example of the Apple iPhone. The amount of application possibilities is large by the automatic rotation of screen content on mobile phones with car racing games, from earthquake sensors to innovative navigation devices. These sensors to determine the future of stationary and mobile devices.

Preview culture: Guest author Max Celko explores the burgeoning culture of preview extensively to test the desire of consumers, even before you buy. It allow new technologies such as augmented reality, always more real acting, digital previews of products to produce. Preview culture increases the shopping convenience, facilitates product personalization and approaching the experience when shopping online at one shopping in the real world. Bionic life cast: The man has of ever been technically set up with nature. Bionics as a State of the art science influenced application examples from aircraft construction of intellectually-driven toys up to the autonomous carrier robot on four legs. Bionic Technology outperforms conventional often to length. The possibilities for new applications and products seem hardly limited. Many industries will benefit her as a result. Energy by the way: In times of just as fossil fuel there is, to take every opportunity possible to generate energy. Some approaches this aim to make use of very small amounts of casually generated energy. The many various advances in this area will integrate ever more subtly into our daily lives and to a sustainable solution of the Contribute the energy question. Stay report on the pulse with the key trend and recognize early important opportunities for your business! We will send you a teaser you on request at.