For Every Good Deed Takes Time … Including – The Subtlest

In 1879 two brothers, George and William Velmond. Experts in the leather industry from Yorkshire, have decided to sail to distant Christchurch, in the new colony of New Zealand. They were going to start a new life, and above all to realize a dream – establish their own business in tanning hides. While the population of Christchurch was only 29,000 people, but even then The surrounding province of Canterbury was considered a leading agricultural center of New Zealand, especially for high-quality sheep breeding. A small company in tanning hides, founded in 1881 to develop and prosper, a family tradition started tanning sheepskin excellent quality. This commitment to quality continued for over 120 years, and the name "Velmond" has become synonymous with the best products from the finest sheepskin tanning. Today "Velmond" selects the best lambs and sheep of the sheep flocks of the highest quality at the best farms of Australia and Alpine meadows and lush green plains of New Zealand.

"Velmond has tanneries and garment production in New Zealand and Australia. These companies are conveniently located in the best sheep regions. Proximity to suppliers of raw materials and high authority allows experts "Velmond" choose for themselves the best skin of all. That is why the fleece "Velmond" is the best in the world and meet the requirements of the Standard Quality of the International Wool Secretariat and the specifications in the New Zealand Council for wool and has an international seal of quality – Woolmark. Each piece is "Velmond" is the result of years to improve innovative methods used Velmond brothers from Yorkshire in 80-ies the last century.