George Carlin Segue

It will be that you do not walk buying ' ' pills enganosas' '? Clearly that it is not for leaving to more have things, and yes to be what as much you long for in the life. Not ' ' engolir' ' the things mean to live, and to be the wonderful person who you are. To feel the life of a full form, with sufferings yes, are part of the life, but also with many joys, therefore who search finds, already it said old dictated the popular one. Everybody wants to eat, if to dress well, to be always inside of the market each consumista time. However, they are few people who are with will of being ' ' change that would like vida' '. Certain time I read a text, that I found well interesting and I decided to share with vocs reading dear that speaks accurately on this.

' ' Happy he is the man whom it repasses what it knows and it learns what ensina' ' George Carlin Segue it below: We drink excessively, we spend without criteria. We direct fast excessively, we are waked up until much more late, we wake up very tired, we read very little, we attend TV excessively and rare we are with God. We multiply our goods, but we reduce our values. We speak excessively, love rare, hate frequent. We learn to survive, but not to live; we add to years to our life and not life to our years. We were and we come back to the Moon, but we have difficulty in crossing the street and finding a new neighbor. We conquer the space, but not it our proper one. We made many bigger, but very little things better. We clean air, but polumos the soul; we dominate the atom, but not our preconception; we write more, but we learn little; we plan more, but we carry through little.