German Museum

Two of this Stele, each equipped with a 55 inch monitor were installed on the strategically best square at the main entrance and now serve to inform visitors about current but also future exhibitions, as well as the Museum News, concerts, courses and other activities. Details can be found by clicking Ebay or emailing the administrator. The advantage that these two have both sides monitor stele is useful here. Another stele, this time the model with the unilateral monitor, was attached to the outdoor visitor area and also inform the visitors about the activities of the Museum. That the conversion – makers of the German Museum in Munich for the latest stele models of the company follow have chosen me, is located on the qualitative construction of the stele, as well as their high quality material. This stele is the perfect place for their tasks in the external area: a perfect device for an infrequent operation. You we are well armed against external influences due to their rugged construction dust or water, as well as against shocks. Furthermore, the builders of the German Museum by the visitor-friendly and always perfect readability convinced the stele of Monitors that deliver perfect work with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (2500 NIT). Always razor sharp readable, at every conceivable lighting conditions, so the monitors of the stele of follow-up work me.

They consist of a Vandalsimussicheren glass of the latest generation. It serves a frameless glass mount with a shatterproof VSG safety glass 9.14 mm, which is chemically coated, as well as a solar control ultra slide that is permanently affixed in the space between the panes in the Dow Corning process. Could convince also the fact that the stele thanks to an ingenious system that has no air conditioning, incredibly low-power sets the day. Monitors, technology and software are packaged in a robust aluminum construction made of extruded edgy hollow Chamber profiles, torsion-free blend, a wing frame system. In addition, companies follow the important content management software provides me the stelae of the operational, which brings an always perfect and successful processing and organization of the content and the graphics on the screens is guaranteed. This innovative is the fact that the German Museum show not only their complete Web page on the monitors allows, there is now a content that is intended for the day, and the second one, which will be responsible for the night.