Germany Doing Business

So, let's consider that a foreign citizen, to reshivshiysya Business immigration to Germany, gets together with the created or purchased by the enterprise: Sale of goods and services under the German brand; Ability to import LPG appliances, equipment and dr.tovary without customs duties and VAT, as the share capital of the joint venture; protection as a foreign investment of your money invested by the German company in the business, located in the CIS; Return value added tax in Germany Doing Business, opening branches throughout the EU; insurance at reduced rates provided for a German company; Receiving grants and subsidies in Germany, Getting Credit in German banks; Annual multiple entry business visa to Germany, a residence permit in Germany, the company founder and his family members and, subsequently, the acquisition of German nationality (by request) It's not just attractive, but very, very attractive. Especially the last paragraphs. Imagine a sort of 'man of peace' free travel on all countries and continents and have different business and apartments in different countries. Moreover, most funny is that the business immigration is not an 'expensive one-way'. You may want to visit Aetna Inc. to increase your knowledge. No one is forcing you, say goodbye to the homeland forever, and then tormented by nostalgia and remorse. After all, the old nationality you are not forced consuming. And do not make the throw on the old place of residence 'all thy overwork'. You can use the business immigration, anywhere without going, continuing to live and work in familiar surroundings, but knowing that while in turn working for you.