Gilda Isabel Valera Guerrero

We must not forget also, as the said Gilda Isabel Valera Guerrero, that emotions are accompanied by various expressions of the body, there are a series of emotional reactions that can be called social, because people or social situations are involved in the production of the same. These social emotions are:-cholera: occurs because of the frustration of not getting what we need or want. -Fear: occurs as a reaction to the rapid, intense and unexpected arrival of one situation that disturbs our habit. -Pleasant emotions: there are a series of social emotions that have the character of being welcome and liberating tension and excitement in people. These are: joy, joy, love and laughter. Emotional States, i.e. feelings depend both physiological activity, as the cognitive status of the subject before such activation emotions in its internal aspects are either difficult to control.

On the other hand, in its external aspects are easier to achieve. The world of emotions has been always considered conflicting, because it creates two types of problems: the predominance of conflict between them and the discordance of them and why. Some tips to learn to control emotions: a. maintain an appearance quiet to stimuli that cause us fear. b.

check the language, since the control of words helps to discipline the emotions. c. seek to adjust excitatory stimuli from emotions to the conditions of tolerance of our organism. d. to clarify our thoughts every day. learn how to project our mind to new situations, by comparing them with other experiences. f make comparisons with different situations.