Gunter Konig

How have you organized your internal processes? There are different tools for project planning, what are your requirements for a modern project management? What are the benefits promise to such a tool? Gunter Konig: A basic problem is that in addition to the project work also system care and maintenance must be taken into account. This is not to plan with conventional tools. Nevertheless, we need a holistic overview of the capacity and the cost of all work project work or not. We have chosen PRINCE2 project management method. If you are not convinced, visit Barclays. This is the basis for us to accompany a project clean and comprehensive. Ebay takes a slightly different approach. This is just the base. You may find that Dan Zwirn can contribute to your knowledge. GESIS want a central project management tool, order that a framework is to be built, which covers all areas.

We require the planning software, provides an optimal coordination and documentation for all involved, provides a continuous target/actual comparison and differentiated collects is data. Through such a real-time planning,. including documentation and updating of all data, reduced the number of inefficient meetings and events. We plan projects with detailed cost estimates. We consider the problem of the request changes in the project already in the planning. Thus the cost of estimating such changes is planned in advance. The transparency of all data for all parties is crucial.

Such a system gains efficiency and comfort, when more data from other systems can be integrated. It must be open and can be integrated easily into the existing architecture. I am thinking here, for example, of the working time recording: the project management software can do, for the GESIS ultimately decided, offers an integrated time tracking, which has replaced our previous system CATS by SAP. Our goal is to learn constantly and continuously to improve us. “A key question is: what are the real cost drivers in a project and how can we put this off?” Can do: How important is providing timely information to management and staff? Gunter Konig: All information must be so immediately, in real time, available.