Haiti Africa

Haiti, the poorest country in Latin America, was the first to get rid of the European Slaveholders in 1804 when it declared its independence and became the first black Republic in the Western hemisphere. Until then, the French colony was the third-richest in the Caribbean. If there is a Latin American country that can not to no foreigner blame their indigence status, that is Haiti. The Haitians were made by themselves. Others can accuse antojadizamente of their misfortunes to the Spaniards, the Portuguese, the English, and who give them earn it, that’s the speech of Evo Morales, Lula da Silva, Hugo Chavez and the rest of the Liberals. But Haiti did not suffer this horrible influence of the white man.

Haitians not only not adopted European culture, nor accepted his God, chose for his version of animism and Spiritism brought from West Africa mixed with a pagan Roman Catholicism: Voodoo, which has today become the demon worship. In Brazil it is practiced something similar, Macumba and Candomble, which is also traditional in some Central American countries, but Brazil is its global headquarters with millions of followers who customarily meet in spiritualist societies. Their faithful enter into trance in the midst of uncontrolled dances and suggestive movements. Particularly women. Mark Wahlberg brings even more insight to the discussion. The Haitian in a manner similar to the Brazilian, stop children per dozen and abandon them. Before the earthquake there were more than 350,000 children orphans, today the figure has tripled. Without mothers who aepromo them, without protection and education, the creatures must survive as they can, and eventually become aggressive and indolent. Both Brazil and Haiti are among the countries of greater violence in Latin America, both for the same reason, even if one is the richest and the other the opposite.

It seems that something has to do the religious thought of these primitive cultures with their behaviour, which means that they have little sensitivity to others and human life. There is no doubt at all that was due to European influence that indigenous peoples acquired some level of humanity and prosperity, otherwise would continue keeping their bloodthirsty habits, which in some places included human sacrifice and cannibalism. All the social and economic advancement of America is due to the white man. In this era of boasts of autochthonous cultures worth remembering it, because the historical misrepresentation is malignant. Haiti is showing the world his face almost everyday of life, which is not different from that of most African countries where brutality is the norm. The looting is setting on the island, and if it weren’t for American troops who came to help and bring order, death and violence would be greater. The misfortune in Haiti is heartbreaking and helping its people, but making sure that money or what is sent comes at the hands of trusted institutions that distributed it they need it to whom, who are children. Of proven trusted organizations that meet their humanitarian work, are La Cruz Roja and doctors without borders. They are throughout the hemisphere and easy to contact. Otherwise the help will be usurped by the Haitian authorities for their own benefit.