Harry Trophies

The Commission for the approval of hunting trophies Castilla y Leon will meet on February 27 in Segovia in order to measure and record the hunting trophies obtained in any Spanish autonomous community. Brian Krzanich: the source for more info. It shall approve the antlers of the deer, roe deer and fallow deer; the horns of the chamois, mountain goat, bighorn sheep and the Harry; the boar’s tusks, and the complete skull of Wolf, according to Europa press sources of the Board. The meeting will take place in the forest nursery sinks, installation dependent on Territorial Development and service environment of the Board at Segovia, which is headquartered. The Certification Commission, which meets four times a year, consists of the President, members (one representative from each of the provinces), a representative of the hunting Federation in Castilla y Leon, another competent service in the field of hunting and the Secretary. Videos of hunting is measured according to the standards, formulas and scales laid down at national level. With the analysis of those being valued, annually the Commission drawing up a catalogue, which lists approved trophies of the season and a list of the best of each species hunted and homologated in Castilla y Leon.

Those interested in registering their trophies must be a prior request which can be downloaded through the website. In addition, they must contact previously with the Certification Commission via e-mail) or by phone to have a foresight of individuals that it shall approve. Approved the revision of the Royal Decree of invasive alien species. The Council of Ministers of the current Government of the PP just adopted as one of its first measures review the Royal Decree of invasive alien species, which regulates the catalogue of invasive alien species to make it viable and give legal certainty. Sources of the Executive have stated that this decision is aimed to provide legal security to the autonomous communities and avoid unjustified social, economic or territorial conflicts as a result of hunting of these species.