Health And Flexibility

Reduced absenteeism: when there is no flexible hours, flexible schedules, childcare, etc offered, is well documented that absenteeism and delays are greatly reduced. Reduced stress: job stress often comes from the feeling of being out of balance, and stress creates disease, low morale and low productivity. People are not robots that can turn on and off at will. All work and no play certainly makes Jack a dull boy, and companies now realize this. The attitude and morale: Employees who have an integration in the life / job satisfaction are more work, more productive, feel more loyalty, and bring claims under the law.

Organizations succeed when they realize that without high-quality workers who are loyal and who feel the integration between family and work, will not have a skilled workforce, and actually lose money. People are worth keeping and developing and are the most valuable asset any company has, and yet it is the asset that is often overlooked. People make a business? , Not machines, not the books of accounts. In our world, nothing is free and people have to make a living, but they do also have to live a meaningful and productive life. When there is a fair balance between the two, this leads to a happy and constructive human being who is able to give 100% due to an aspect of his life is more demanding than the other and there is no unhealthy imbalance. Companies that recognize this and incorporate strategies for this and reap the benefits described above. MetLife spoke with conviction.

The result? Everyone gets what they want and need. Everyone is happy. Written by Terri Levine, MCC, PCC, MS, CCC-SLP, the CEO of Coaching, popular Master Certified personal and business coach, sought after Public Speaker and author of best-sellers, while managing, Start Coaching "," work to be happy "," Coaching for an extraordinary life "and" Create your ideal body. " She may be contacted through the website or by telephone: 215-699-4949.