Health And Illness

In Brazil, it is increasing I number it of men and women with age each younger time looking the Only System of Sade (SUS), presenting related problem of health to some types of illness. At the same time where the governments work gradual increasing the release of financial resources, technological investment and improving the qualification of the professionals in this area, they also present, given statisticians who point clearly an accented increase of pathological cases as: h1n1, cancer, breaking, diabetes, depression, obesidade, abortion, hipertenso, infantile prostitution, vesicular blockage, heptica disfuno, vascular illness, sexually transmissible illnesses, mainly in people of the feminine sex with age each younger time. The satiated exposition has desencadeantes factors of illness that before it affected only isolated groups of people, today reaches all society. The governments if had joined in a battle without truce against the illness, all necessary effort this being applied, but still it lacks very has to be made to win this enemy invisible who finds in Brazil propitious conditions to install and to fragilizar the health of the citizen. With this reality being lived deeply in all domestic territory and considering that the Brazilian people is constituted in its majority of people with degree of knowledge not adjusted the changes that the universe comes presenting in this century ' ' 21' ' , together with the necessity to know more so that the body do not come to suffer to the excesses from as much exposition the factors, habits and customs that are and will continue being modified in this time. I present the society a preventive project of character noble, however basic to rescue the quality of life and health of the Brazilian people, mainly of the Brazilian woman who is without a doubt the part more affected by the proliferation modern ecdmica. Consideraes Final In this work of research is evident that the biotica arrived at Brazil a little late excessively, the antiethical ones control presiding over the four cantos of the country and give for the defenders of the biotica the same treatment given to the lepers for the Romans in the time of Christ; the antiethical ones run away from ethical questions and work freely if hiding between trams that the evil keeps as absolute favoritism in Brazil. .