Healthy Fish

' ' It searches and it plans on the fish that you want to place in its aquarium. It tries to know the possible maximum on the preferences and requirements of the animal. ' ' When it will be choosing its fish is intent on the health of it. Check if it puts into motion fast agilely and when to pass the hand in front of the glass, if the colors are shining and alive. It must not have no esbranquiado or black point in the body that is not characteristic of the species. Fish that prefer the deep one of the aquarium and if put into motion vagarosamente can be sick or estressados. ' ' Case you prefer an aquarium marine you remember that the ecosystem delays considerably more time to form itself.

It is not recommendable that you put fish in it before one month after selecting per sixty days. ‘ ‘ The majority of the fish has that to be fed only 2 times per day. It places a small amount of food. Case it is all ingested places a bit more and prevents to leave food remaining portions in the water. ‘ ‘ In the hour to place the fish inside of the aquarium she does not make it directly. She places the plastic sachet where it is, still closed, for about 15 minutes in the water of the aquarium. This will go to reduce the thermal shock and stress in the animal. ‘ ‘ Rule of amount: a fish for each 20 liters of water, that is in an aquarium of 100 liters would be recommendable to have 5 fish (Acaras is not engraadinho to place 5 Record in this aquarium of 100 liters). The size of the fish must be between 3 and 4 centimeters. ‘ ‘ It places the aquarium in areas that are very not put into motion. ‘ ‘ they will contaminate its aquarium all.