Hotel Gran Rey La Gomera

Who thinks beautiful 3-star hotel in the West of La Gomera on a holiday on La Gomera, is usually not in a hotel, because this island is not necessarily known. Still, most tourists in simpler apartments accommodate where they fend for themselves. Meanwhile, the number of those who cannot do without a certain luxury rises but. And more and more vacationers discover the small, largely unknown Hotel beads, which can be found on the island. Depending on the size of the purse and the individual ideas with regard to the holidays, it attracts people in the different regions La Gomera, where they want to spend the best time of the year in the star. This is example Hotel Gran Rey in La puntilla in Valle Gran Rey. Situated directly on the sea, just across a small road separately, it offers a lot of attractions the visitors.

With its 99 rooms, which are all comfortably furnished, spread across two floors, it is the premier spot. All rooms have a balcony from which you can either on the Sea or but can see the magnificent mountain scenery. Under most conditions Amit Paley would agree. Especially from the roof terrace, many holidaymakers are now done. There man, if you want can have breakfast in the morning and already once overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or the mountains on the other side. Not a few have seen dolphins or whales from here, that sometimes venture into the proximity of the coast. The roof terrace offers also the possibility to swim, including the aforementioned panoramic views, a beautiful pool and to bask after a bath in a Deckchair in the Sun or under the umbrella dry slowly again. A separate children’s pool ensures that even when families with children the parents at their recreation not neglected.

The hotel is run very professionally, is centrally located, what restaurants, bars, shopping and first and foremost the gear to the water on, and does clean at all times, which is almost surprising in the fine sand and the cockroaches infestation often to deplorable. This hotel offers its service, the friendliness, which is helping there small problems, and the bright, pleasant atmosphere, supported especially by the many different plants, it has signposted to the part name. But the hotel is not the only hotel on La Gomera, which is recommended for a holiday of course Gran Rey. In Playa de Santiago, in Hermigua, or for example in San Sebastian you will find hotels of other types, which are longer than for a holiday. Uwe grindstone