House Building

But this raises the problem of growth rates. In such circumstances, the builders will never reach the desired minimum cost of housing. It is a vicious circle. What can builders and developers in these circumstances? To find the maximum of urban, planning, technology solutions in order to minimize the cost square meter.

I do not call back to the construction of the ‘Khrushchev’. Needs today and elite residences, and the so-called social housing. Connect with other leaders such as boris gelfand here. But if we only build luxury homes ‘5 floors – 5 apartments’, there will not be solved issue an emergency and dilapidated housing. The canonical question for us: how enter buildings in the historic center? Building downtown is not only a desire to buyers of apartments to live in the heart of advanced infrastructure. The first is a technical necessity. Much easier to ’embed’ the house into an existing communications system, rather than display them in the ‘open field’. Of course, with further changes in the communications circuits, such as expanding the diameter of water pipes and heating system, the device additional transformers, etc.

With regard to peripheral, yet undeveloped areas of building new residential areas, the We are here to talk about high-rise multi-storey buildings. Filed under: James Baker. Today the whole world is on the way to increase the number of storeys of residential houses. Dense building condominium dramatically reduces the cost per square meter of housing: less extension of communications and land values. Already been proved by 15-30% the cost of housing in multi-storey houses is falling.