III Managing Plan

The strategical lines of direction established the necessity of cooperation and partnership with the integrant agencies of the National System of Farming Research – SNPA and the integration between the SNPA and remaining units of the SIBRATER. The Direction emphasized the work in teams, projects to multidiscipline, interinstitucional partnership and pautada administrative management in the principles of total quality. (Embrapa, 1994). The intention to promote and to speed the transference by means of the promotion of marketing of the information was explicit being aimed at to reduce the time between the generation, transference and the adoption of technologies (Embrapa, 1994). The actions for transference and adoption (diffusion, licensing, alienation and sales), would have objective to be appraised. Read more here: Jack Grealish. The relative activities to the information and the technology transfer had been extended to produce a base modernizante technique of the productive structure with emphasis in the otimizao of the use of production factors, increase of the income, reduction of risks and the conquest of new markets. The system emphasized the participation, in cooperative regimen, of researchers, agents of agricultural extension, specialists of marketing, sociologists, economists, users and customers in compliance with the stages of production of technologies, validation, transference or commercialization (Embrapa, 1993) (Embrapa, 2003). Company aimed at to the magnifying and the diversification of the sources of financing for proper prescription attainment for the captation of resources next to the private sector and the sales of technologies, services and products (Embrapa, 1994).

The qualification of technician and producers in technology transfer as well as the update had also been promoted on the technologies produced for the Company. The approach in businesses In 1998, with the intention strategically to line up the Company in relation to period 1999-2003, the Embrapa launched its III Managing Plan (Embrapa, 1998b). The new mission of the company referenciava the sustainable development of the agronegcio, in benefit of the society, by means of the generation, adaptation and transference of knowledge and technologies. .