In Russian

An amazing coincidence – that the torch on the ground (24.4 – 13.5) fall basic biological and agricultural processes and work in the north of the planet: germination, flowering, seeding, tillage and soil etc. Follow-up lights – "Luben" and "Sveten" correspond to the names of regular planets – Venus (the goddess of love) and Mercury – the closest planet to the sun, buried in the glow of its light. Further, the torch of "Jarylo" – the Sun itself. Torch "Slaven" named in honor of the Slavs. 12 th torch "Ladaria" (3.8. – 22.8.) – This is the most productive in the work of a man of the year when everything goes wrong, everything is done fret (well), everything goes well. Names of 13, 14, 15 lights (Radunets, Zolotarev, Listunets) are associated with joy of harvest, yellowing and abscission of foliage. 16-second torch – Osenets completes the autumn.

Complete year lights – "" (12.11 – 1.12) and Zimohod (2.12 – 22.12) – is . Are any explanations for these names, as well as to Names "Svetoyar" and "Candle", hardly relevant, because accurate imagery of the Russian language. Each torch has a five-day to 4 "Ladunitsy (weeks). The names of "week" and "Monday" are excluded as absurd for a man not can live without doing anything. "Ladunitsa" in honor of the Slavic goddess – Lada. The root of the "Lad" from all the Slavs in the high score. In Russian, "Lad" is a word and concept: a woman's name – Lada – Okay, okay to live, get along, palm, etc.