Increase Of Individual Success By Optimizing

the personal potential, hype – the training professionals increase the individual success by optimizing personal potential. The company hype the training professionals distances itself from well-known sales training and sales seminars and specialized in the optimization of business success. MIP multi inspired performance is a new, revolutionary training model. Not speeches, but trade is the relevant currency of this trainer and thus the success of your customers at the heart of your work. “The idea is simple and successful: change takes place through action”, says the Managing Director Frank Rechsteiner.

Earlier, the market was open and the products and the services have spoken for themselves. Business leaders need today already more than just to be able to post dealer or vendor sales pitches to success. Mr. Rechsteiner knows you need insight and convincing communication techniques”from its own 15 years experience. The balancing act between Leadership, social skills and life is becoming increasingly difficult. This requires changes, new approaches and more specific goals. You are not satisfied with your feedback so you need to change your behavior”, recommends the Executive business coach.

Techniques that have been newly interpreted and implemented by Mr. Rechsteiner and his team. The hype training methods MIP aims, that man automated applications and learned and instinctively, individually addressed. So is his opinion more effective working and successful acts. This success on several components back that are easy and quick to learn and apply. MIP promotes the feeling and Act, allows one to know its outcome, and to give the customers a good feeling. Your work as a sales trainer focuses mostly on the IT and software sectors. A sector that is very familiar team of hype, because they have been active for many years in these areas and therefore the demands and characteristics of these markets know. Contact: HYPE – the training professionals Frank Rechsteiner women str. 23 89073 Ulm Tel. 0049 151 29128157