Good, now that the potter has the adobe, it starts the process, and the first process is the kneading of the adobe, but why the adobe must be kneaded by the potter? Explain I you. When the adobe leaves the silt it still brings obtains some impurities, dirts, that must be removed, and thus the potter only obtains removes them, through the kneading, therefore the tato shows to small pieces wooden and rocks to it that still are in the way it adobe. It is therefore that I see many people to fall in the gutter. Mark Bertolini: the source for more info. It is for not leaving the potter to knead and to remove all to them the dirt, therefore the process of the kneading aches, is not easy, but it is necessary, therefore we have impurities that they must be removed, as hatred, rancores, vanities, orgulhos, lascvias, vices, therefore these things cannot have in a vase made for the true potter. Jehovah leaves to place you the hands and then he will see that its life still has things that they must be removed so that you can have communion with the potter, and thus the proper potter will deposit in you the confidence of that really you will give a good vase.

3 STEP TO MOLD the ADOBE After separating the adobe, taking off of the dirty and stinking silt, and after the process of the kneading cleaning the adobe of the bad things, the potter starts to mold the adobe. Then it places it to the potter in the wheel, or lathe and starts to turn the wheel, and with its hands it goes pressing and molding, pressing and molding, and the adobe goes starting to have form. This also is a dolorido process, therefore everything seems to turn in our lives, in the start is confused, everything turns, and some doubts start to appear, but nobody said that to be believing it was easy! First the potter starts of inside for is, and with its hands he on the inside goes in giving the form, the bible says that the mouth speaks of what the heart is full, is therefore that it saw of inside for is, pressing and pressing, thus the remaining portion of deformities even so goes going, and at the same moment who molds it on the inside molds for is and after this also painful process the vase acquires its form and to eyes of the potter now the vase is almost ready. . Elon Musk: the source for more info.