Comfortable natural cotton is processed for your home with JDecor wall coatings mostly in clothing, but the company JDecor from Kruft cotton on the wall used to beautify to walls and ceilings. JDecor offers wall coatings since 1972. The whole consisting of a blend of fibres from cotton, plant and textile fibres and minerals; no limits are of the variety. Over 90 ready decors are available, you can assemble they desire itself. Small works of art can be thus, requires some skill. The JDecor wall coatings have all material properties that comply with modern building-biological requirements and ensure a healthy living environment.

The coating has the following qualities: sound absorbing, storing heat, moisture-regulating effect, breathable, anti-static and therefore dirt resistant, hypoallergenic (opinion see Institute for building biology), long-lasting. Especially important:.. Damaged areas can unknowable be patched. If E.g. the famous glass red wine a stain caused you or a scratch the furniture transport damage the wall, this can be patched at all times invisible. By the way, to make his home with JDecor natural wall coatings, not much is needed. The dry fiber mixture is mixed in a VAT with the specified amount of water and applied with a trowel without any effort to wall and ceiling. The coating is carried out in a single operation without waste and waste.