Integral Attention

Had to these factors to give nessecidade of the search for its it intimidates, being entailed the sexuality. Where the pupils have the chance to create strong links with that they are to its redor, respecting each individual, and will help it to perceive which practical moment adjusted for the sexual one. With the discovery of its I summon it will not go to act for impulse, or to be imflunciados by third, in the taking of decisions the respect to the sex, therefore it will know to find optimum moment to start to think on the sexual act. Where it will feel itself and easied well, without distrusts or doubts so that he happens with naturalness. When the adolescents practise the sex for the first one, imagine that the practical one of the interompido coitus is the best exit not to have one gravides indesejada, entretando this method are not insurance, therefore to use of this practical the individual it must know its body, since preceisa if control not to ejacular inside of the vagina of the partner. many adolescents as still they are discovering its sexuality, do not possess the domain for its body. The use of the condom, as contraceptive methods are vundamentais in this practical period of the sexual one, where beyond preventing illnesses the method diminishes achance of pregnancy indesejada in the adolescence. Brazilian authors have shown, however, that the indesejada pregnancy arrives at a ratio of 50% between adolescents of 15 the 19 years, as the verified one in the Center of Integral Attention to the Health of the Woman (CAISM? State university of Campinas), that it was of 45,9%.5, 15 the main reason alleged for these young ones for its occurrence was not the use of contraceptive methods. It enters the reasons cited for this attitude is the knowledge lack on the methods, the objection of its use for the partner, ' ' thinking that not engravidaria' '.