Interest Rates On Overnight Fall Easily

Kreissparkasse Koln lowers interest rates on overnight although the Sparkasse Cologne has made p.a. online a rate cut of 1.50 percent on their daily money offer S-day money now 1.40 per cent per annum, given the insignificance of the change, the offer loses nothing of its attractiveness. Since no minimum investment sum is required, the interest from the first Euro attacks. Crediting is done quarterly, so investors benefit from a positive development of their balance due to the compound interest effect. No additional fees are charged for the accounting, the money is available daily.

All customer funds deposited are unlimited. There is more information to the online day money account of the Kreissparkasse Koln under../tagesgeld-kreissparkasse-koeln.html. For investors who want to benefit from higher interest rates, the Postal Bank offers with its 3000 plus a modern (paperless) version of the posit SparCard. The interest rate of 2.85 per cent p.a. savers can already benefit from the first euro.

There is not a limit of investment. Because it is still a savings account, can be monthly only has maximum of 2.000,00 euro. All above and beyond the amounts must be announced with a notice period of three months. No extra fees are charged for the cash withdrawals at ATMs of Postbank in the domestic, as well as ten cash withdrawals abroad per year. Get all the details of the Postbank SparCard 3000 plus at a glance see blasts tagesgeld.html. If the conditions have convinced the account application can be made directly, easily and conveniently online. Is simply the opening form filled out and printed out. With the opening documents, a valid passport, as well as the PostIdent form, it goes to the nearest post office. There, by a staff member to verify identity and then sent all documents directly to the Bank. This confirms the account opening within a few days or rejects them.