International Day

Many women do not have knowledge of these laws and continue silencing the siege sexual. Therefore the dissemination of these information becomes necessary so that the victims can denounce the abuses and not contribute passively for occurrence of other acts. If all that suffer this type of trauma to search the law, the future cases tend to diminish preventing the suffering of other women. As well as the sexual siege, the moral siege has caused great damages to the professionals in its environment of work. For needing its jobs, many women support other types of humilhao, being ridicularizados in its positions. Although the moral siege if not to especially direct the women, since the men also can be victims, these obtain to face and to deal better with the situation since they are not considered as ' ' sex frgil' ' for the society.

On the other hand, the majority of the women who suffer the moral siege generally assumes a passive position from fear the consequncias that such denunciation can provide to it. The loss of the job, of financial independence is still added to the low one esteem and other psychological problems that come to affect its quality of life. Ahead of this context, we could not leave to mention that the Law Maria of the Penha it constituted a historical landmark in protection of the women. If it does not deal with only a specific legal aspect to correct and to punish the men, but an instrument for awareness of the personal love that the citizens must cultivate and spread, if not being silent ahead of the physical and psychological aggressions that come to suffer. 2. CONCLUSESMesmo ahead of a new century and great conquests reached to the base of many fights, the old preconceptions and forms of treatment stops with the women remains.

The humilhao and the suffering through the years seem not to have been enough so that the feminine sort was dealt with respect. The fear and the humilhao come silencing these women, exactly that the revolt between them is latent, few have courage to denounce, due to the cuminante factor of the existence of politics of segunas imperfections. Therefore, it is perceived relevance of this quarrel and the necessity of bigger awareness of the women so that they assume a critical and independent position, not silencing such agresses.3. REFERENCES BALD, Adriana C. The sexual siege and the moral siege in the work environment. Available in: . Access in: 16 jul. 2010. NADAL, Paula. Why 8 of March are the International Day of the Woman? New School. Sea. 2010. Available in: . Access in: 07 ago. 2010.WOLECK, Aimor. The work, the occupation and the job: a historical perspective. Institute Catarinense de After-Graduation. Available in: . Access in: 01 ago. 2010.