Welcome to my blog “Make Money on the Internet.” In this space, show that “make money on the internet” without making any investment is also possible, quite easy. As I said in the presentation of the blog, I will focus, for now, companies that pay to click on ads. The operation is very simple and is as follows: First, we checked into a business. We will ask for a password and an email address. And that’s it. Then go to the page of each of the companies in which we have registered, and once entered a password and the email with which we were discharged, enter a space where we see a series of ads. The amount varies according to the companies. We will click on them, and once open will wait for 5-30 seconds.

Every time we do this, the company will pay per ad seen. The amount of money varies according to the company, but is usually between $ 0.005 and $ 0.001 most. Some paid between $ 2 and $ 5. It seems that these quantities are small, but if we consider that for every company in which we recorded, with an average of 7 ads a day and 15 referrals, “then explain what is a referral”, we get about $ 35 per month . Imagine that you are 20 companies registered and have: 20×35 = $ 700. Of course, this amount can be increased, since I’m counting on only 15 referrals and 7 ads. Companies also sell referrals for those who find it hard to get to a very low price: 15 referrals cost in almost all companies $ 20. Referrals get significantly improve our revenues increase.

But what is a referral?. It is a person who has registered with the (s) in the same companies that we have registered, but they have done on our part, that is, have joined the company because we have reported to exist, and have registered with them through our user ID. Now these people will start to make money just like us. Likewise, such persons may “Refer” to others, so that the number of people will grow exponentially. We will win the same as the sum of what all these people win. It is a pyramid scheme that gives enough profits. In some companies this system is slightly different. But what is certain is that all companies, at least, allow up to first referral level, and some up to 7 levels. Most sites that are going to put in English, but they are very intuitive and easy to understand. For those who do not know any English, you can use one and the many translators that exist in the network. How do we charge? These companies work mostly with Paypal (a system that allows anyone with an e-mail, send or receive money online safely. The Web has much information about it. Therefore, we have to create an account. Everything is free. Once our data reported to the company Paypal, we will enter it. Most paid once reached the $ 10. The best thing is to look at each one of the companies their particular conditions, but are similar in the same with the odd variation. Look at the FAQ. Then I put all those companies in which I am registered and I know that work and pay, as not all they do is advertise. To register click on the banners, and once you’re in the company’s page you’ll click on the link that says “JOIN” or “REGISTER”.