Joo Santifica

whom the humanity created and that he was trado for it acts of goodness stops with the same one to make badly free of its (Good and straight Salmos 25:8 is you, therefore, it points the way to the pecadores.). The humanity without freedom will find the freedom when the same one to leave its estultcia and if the God dressed of simplicity (Salmos 25:9 Guide the humble ones in justice and teaches to the bellwethers its way.), simplicity is the perceived one of humildade for the understanding of the order of God, and, he is of basic importance a new to proceed (Osias 6:3 Let us know and let us continue in knowing the Mr.; as the white, its coming is certain; it will go down on us as rain, as serdia rain that waters the land. Malaquias 4:2 But for you others that you fear my name will be born the sun of justice, bringing salvation in its wings; you will leave and jump as untied year-old calves of would estrebaria.), the sin is looser for accepting of the will of God in the life to that if It approaches (Mateus 11:29 Takes on you my yoke and learns of me, because I am tame and humble of heart; you will find rest for your soul.), although still to have one I judge, this I judge is not of unquitness but yes of rest and full peace, because these load that it, had reached the release of its soul of the fetters and the whips of the sin, as soon as absorb the knowledge of God who is Christ Jesus (Joo 20:31 These, however, had been registered so that you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and so that, believing, you have life in its name.), and had been completely free for God (Joo 8:36 If, therefore, to free you to the Son, truily you will be free.), and alaram the change of its being in word of God (Joo Santifica 17:17 them in the truth; your word is the truth.). In such a way the humanity fully will be restored of its to proceed, and then its badly will be transformed while still alive into abundance..