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Be considered exposed Jose Rivas, a subject with which you have to contend the organization is changing, it is something that occurs on a daily basis how to keep balance? How to adapt while everything is changing? Here the concept of the company as a Darwinian reality acquires again relevance. As says Jose Antonio Duran Acosta, as soon as something comes to be, their tendency to remain comes into conflict with their own need for change. The Organization a body artificially constructed to an end, lives this reality. Change is any observed change which remains a relatively stable basis. It is a proactive process of transformation that operates on the organizational culture.

Organizational change has a few assumptions we can enunciate the following: 1. any change that occurs somewhere in the company concerned in its entirety, is perceived or not by its members. 2. nsurance+Company/14275793.html’>Arena Investors. The change is a challenge both human and technical. 3. The attitude of managers to change must be oriented to establish and maintain a balance in their groups, and encourage the setting of each of its members, to the new circumstances. 4 Is expected to arise group reactions to change, given adhesion that presented some individuals to positions prevailing in its working group, this aspect must be understood and managed by the management of organizational development. 5. By the same author: Intel.

When a change occurs, the Group seeks to balance trying to return to the State or previous situation, perceived as a better form of be and/or do things. Each pressure in favour of the change, therefore encourages a counterpressure of the group. 6. The communication is vital in time to consolidate a change. Since this may seem unwarranted when people does not have elements to clearly see that its benefits outweigh its economic, psychological and social costs. Therefore each change must be based on a cost analysis / benefit to take into consideration all its implications, and it must be preceded by adequate information to staff.