Why is hip-hop worth as a small platform of a special mention? This you have to look a little more closely. A little insight into an innovative social network! Community features, quite tasteful design and advertising funding for themselves, not earth shattering sounded at first glance, the second look is so crucial. For this we have left us some time, to verify what “promises” are implemented in practice and which are not. The result is encouraging and reassuring equal masses. Hip-hop will give out all advertising revenue to the users and this also happens.

Hip-hop called “community shared profit” therefore first and those who generate all winners on a platform on the success of those who would like to participate in. Credit: MetLife-2011. This is innovative. It is new, still, that man has designed a virtual currency, which offers also added value. So-called Dshins on and obtained via a Kontensystems for mutual support. With this currency be donates to you and this is interesting wishes. To set these and can well, as the name implies, personal or non-profit requests make.

The latter provides perspective, in particular because it is happening in the network on “Donations generators” and because it is connected without expense. Recruiting was also accompanied by a fee on hip-hop. All of this work, even on a small scale, Yes, but to support this system, holds great potential and as you wish that enough user found possible what in fact alone, to see and is respected. Ultimately we find innovative hip-hop because it’s trying the online – advertising market to shake something up. Both parties, users and advertisers, pulling on a strand. Advertising is again consciously perceived, because it comes directly to the users. A quote at the end: “unique in the world – those who first made the Internet and their communities to a large market place, are now in the focus. A reflection on the importance of the user and the economic power of the Community that work together through hip-hop. All parts and win!”