Krasnoyarsk Buyer

Sellers need to take into account that in connection with a variety of programs and favorable conditions of the mortgage in our country enjoys increasing popularity, and most people get an apartment with the assistance of credit. Therefore, the fear of mortgage then wait for a buyer for a long time. MIF4. If you set the apartment on sale in several real estate agencies – there is a buyer quickly. This is one of the most common mistakes real estate seller. If you To sell an apartment faster would be better to work with one agent, signing a contract with him to cooperate.

In this case, you will not need to look to other realtors because he had an expert with whom you work, he will inform his colleagues about the site and share them with commissions. This will help him already proven means of communication among them would like to mention working in Krasnoyarsk Multilistingovuyu System – a unified database of real estate agencies in the city, accessible by real estate agents. Thus, information on the exclusive object is automatically made available for the realtor community and other stakeholders real estate market. No contract will be the realtor seeks to "enjoy" the buyer, because then it will be paid a commission. Naturally, in this case, all the realtors will sell you the benefit of the buyer – because it is he customer service. MIF5.

Agent – expensive. Many experts believe that the more comfortable and properly when the realtor is working, waiting for just compensation from the seller, and it is thanks after meeting interests of the seller, not buyer. After all, the interests of these clients are directly opposite. That is why today is rapidly growing in Krasnoyarsk the new type of cooperation of Realtors and sellers of real estate, when, after apartment sales service realtor to pay the amount received by the seller. This approach will not alienate customers, but rather to increase their number, after all, despite the fact that, ultimately, agency compensation is paid from the money the buyer, its cost will remain the same. Psychologically, it's more attractive: the buyer will immediately know that he need not pay any commission, because he did not order service. Rely on professionals, and sales of apartments will be for you a joyous event, not a painful exercise!