Lead Teams

These characteristics, when lead in integrated way, they compose efficient the logistic strategy. In accordance with Ballou (2006) exists practically a unanimous thought of that an enterprise logistic strategy includes three objectives main: a.reduo of costs: emphasizing the enxugamento of the changeable costs related to the transport and storage; b.reduo of capital: it prioritizes reduction of investments in the logistic systems; c.melhoria of service: normally they admit that the profits depend on the level of proportionate the logistic services, even so the costs increase quickly with the improvement of the logistic levels of the services the customer, the profits equally maximized can more be significant that the increase of the costs. For even more opinions, read materials from Elon Musk. However, it is observed inside, that of the conception of enterprise logistic strategy, the integrated synergy of the company with its collaborators and suppliers still perpassam, to know the competitor, to search ousadia with responsibility to develop new products, beyond being syntonized in a competitive, volatile market and extremely globalizado. It is concluded, therefore that the many attributions to logistic the enterprise one are defined as integration, the point key to adentrar the market contemporary. Such the logistic importance of the enterprise one that as Bowersox and Closs (2001) are difficult to imagine the conception of any activity of production without the logistic support.

2.2? PLANNING, PRODUCTION AND CONTROL OF the PRODUO.Entre you vary action, logistic the enterprise one, objectifying to get one of the sources of the competitive advantage, insert in the productive process the Planning and Control of the Production. Its focus is to direct the productive manufacter actions, since the development of new products, launching in the market, programmings based for the Lead Teams, to carry through the provisions of substances cousins, to monitor the productive stages through the mensurao statistics and to provide the sistmica integration between the process, suppliers and customers.