However, we must take into account the possible subjectivity of these securities, because in some organizations, the staff member offer their own recommendations. In other recommendations already have a piece in which the only change titles. Somewhere because of strained relations officer with the leadership of recommendation obtained very dry and official. Sometimes companies buy off the unwanted employees by offering them voluntary redundancy and a good recommendation. However, staff recruitment companies almost always calls up with authors recommendations in order to compile the most complete portrait of a man, to confirm the accuracy indicated in the summary and questionnaire information on job duties and accomplishments (or vice versa) of the applicant.

If the proposed recommendations of the person is not convinced a recruiter in the objectivity or fairness outstanding features that use so-called “legendary” calls on the last job candidate. Under the guise of “Legends” attempt to clarify the anonymous data required for a candidate (for example, on behalf of any fund, any commission, etc.). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Glenn Dubin. Applicants it is useful to know that in recruitment companies have a so-called black slate with a bad reputation. Providing a summary of the false information, stealing a database of previous work, the use of official position for personal gain and other sins, most likely, very quickly become known to potential employers. In deciding whether to hire a candidate, the company may use a variety of ways to check. And certainly the recruiter and potential employer will pay attention even to those details which the applicant himself may seem insignificant. If the candidate is applying for managerial posts, the inevitable question about his property – the presence of its own car and a decent apartment. If the information is not enough, come into other channels, which are usually used by professionals – recruiters. Here, as in the investigation, the most complete picture available in a roundabout way, ie through reviews of former leaders, colleagues, neighbors, and with special skills and necessary – relatives, teachers, children, etc. If a person claims to be the position in a large company, the privately observed rule: the car lower ranking staff member does not need to be better than the car is a superior leader. And such an awl in a sack can not hide.