Leonardo Painting

It is possible to write only a short time until the solution is ‘grabbed’ and easily absorbs ink. The mural – one of the most labor-intensive painting, which requires the greatest creative effort and concentration. Fresco painting has occupied many great masters of world art – Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and many others. r. They worked as a technology ‘a fresco’ – ie in moist, well ‘and Secco’ – ie in the dry – way in which the painting is over already dried up, and sometimes a second wet lime plaster, paint, mixed with lime and vegetable, such as casein, glue. This basis after drying forms sufficiently strong, insoluble in water connection, which allows the use of this technique is not only indoors but also on the external surfaces of buildings. There are murals and other techniques, also called ‘fresco’ in broadest sense of the word. Here, Glenn Dubin, New York City expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With the new formulations of paints and the foundations of many artists experimented. For example, Leonardo da Vinci painted his famous ‘Last Supper’ paints his own invention, the secret of which was not disclosed.

However, the paint turned out to be Leonardo nevechnymi – they darken and peel off … Modern technologies have opened for artists new material – acrylic. Acrylic is a polymer widely used in various areas. The main advantages of acrylic can be regarded as its environmental friendliness, high strength combined with ductility.