Lethargy Patient

Of a side, the doctor searching to eliminate the exgenas causes that had provoked the desencadeamento of it I occasion, for another one, the psychologist, acting next to the patient in the reorganization of the experiences, and after the remission of the picture, folloied the redimensionamento of the person. The fact of the attitude of the psychologist front the ill person to be descontaminada of the invasive and aggressive matrix that is seen by the patient in the too much members services. Being thus, the position of the psychologist is privileged, as already it was said, in the relation with the patient, allowing to open a contact canal, where the participation of this will be important for all how much its whitewashing. Mental Health Monday has much to offer in this field. In the attendance to the dust-operated patient, the attention to its return to the daily one while rehabilitated, in guiding under this aspect, familiar and the patient looks for to observe to these expectations and attitudes of both front the evolution of the person, being demystified the fantasmticos aspects elaborated regarding dynamic Limit x Possibility. – Reaction to the surgery: Lethargy and Apathy Some surgical patients in its attempt to control the increasing fear, inhibit the mental function of form so distinguished that they fall in a lethargic or aptico state. Perhaps the patient appears tired and languid, but in a more intent examination she will show that almost she is not moved, she says, she smiles or same if complaint. When the process is deeper, the patient if it becomes physically definitively more indolent, mental and. The movements and the voluntary colloquy can be minimum and the questions and order need to be repeated some times, everything that makes is to remain lying or seated, as it was being slept or off of what the fence. The apparent cause of this lethargy or postoperative apathy is the primary emotion, but it follows it to the aggressiveness of close, in particular, its souvenirs perigos them and injuries last it and its imaginations fed and insufflating for these memories.