Life Philosophy

Thoughts ' ' Unprovided of lives they are the lives, that maltreat the Pas' ' ' ' In this society where we live, the individualism cries out high, but only the friendship fraterna between brothers constroi paz' ' ' ' Fight against the vices of the drink, food, of sleep, therefore these in will take you to excess to a life of emprstimos' ' ' ' Instead of looking at the success of the others you make of you one exactly sucesso' ' ' ' I looked at behind the one show window shopping and vi the oppression of muitos' ' ' ' In the difficulty and the solitude it looks at for the high one, therefore the love of Christ, will be you there confortar' ' ' ' At the good moment it considers the good day, at the bad moment considers the day mau' ' ' ' The sadnesses of the life, are normal in elapsing of the life human being, as well as the joys of the life human being are efemeras' '